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Neminatha is the twenty-second Tirthankara in Jainism, an Indian religion. He is also known simply as Nemi, or as Aristanemi which is an epithet of the sun-chariot. Along with Mahavira, Parshvanatha and Rishabhanatha, Neminatha is one of the four Tirthankaras that attract the most devotional worship among the Jains.According to Jain beliefs, Neminatha lived 84,000 years before the 23rd Tirthankara, Parshvanatha. He is one of the 24 Tirthankaras in Jain theology, in the avasarpini cycle of Jain cosmology. He is a legendary figure, who lived for 1,000 years and was the youngest son of King Samudravijaya and Queen Shivadevi. He is believed in Jainism to be the cousin of Hindu god Krishna, and his iconography includes the same conch as found with Vishnu. He was born at Sauripura in the Harivamsa clan. His birth date is the 5th day of Shravana Shukla in the Hindu calendar. According to Jain mythology, on his wedding day, Neminatha heard the cries of animals being killed for the marriage feast and moved by the sorrow he renounced the world – a scene found in many Jaina artwork. He attained moksha on Girnar Hills near Junagadh, a pilgrimage center for Jains.

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